Team lifting Copy

All your actions when lifting and relocation should be taken with due care whether you are working alone or with a team.

When you do a team lift one person should be designated as the leader, who will coordinate the relocation.

Tasks a team leader could do are:

  • Teamwork in collaboration
  • All team members perform lift safely and effectively
  • Team lift together
  • Distribute weight even
  • Ensure all team members are comfortable after lift
  • Give clear and simple instructions

Guidelines for team lifting:

  1. Communicate to your co-worker that you are ready
  2. Get close to the object
  3. Lift slowly together
  4. Use your legs to lift
  5. Do not twist

Things that could go wrong if you do not follow the relocation plan and route.

  • Money, time and resources wasted
  • No clearance available
  • Traffic in the way
  • Injuries and fatigue