Posture Copy

Sustained posture – where part of or the whole body is kept in the same position for a prolonged period including:

  • Supporting plasterboard sheeting while it is nailed into place
  • Continually standing with weight mainly on one leg while operating a power press with foot pedal controls

Awkward posture – where any part of the body is in an uncomfortable or unnatural position, such as:

  • Postures that are unbalanced or asymmetrical
  • Postures that require extreme joint angles or bending and twisting
  • Squatting while servicing plant or a vehicle
  • Working with arms overhead
  • Bending over a desk or table
  • Using a hand tool that causes the wrist to be bent to the side
  • Kneeling while trowelling concrete or laying carpet
  • Bending the neck or back to the side to see around bulky items pushed on a trolley