AHCCHM201 Theory Assessment

Instructions for Candidates

This assessment requires you to answer further knowledge questions.

Please read all the information given to you before you start any assessment task. If you do not understand some or all of the questions, please ask your Trainer / Assessor for assistance.

Attempt to answer ALL questions in your own words directly into this online platform. The questions are designed to assess your understanding of the unit as well as your underpinning knowledge.

To satisfactorily complete this assessment task you are required to complete the whole assessment. To do this you will need to answer all questions correctly and demonstrate you have achieved the required knowledge to industry standards.

This assessment is intended to be fair and flexible. If you feel that we should change any aspect of this assessment to be fair, equitable or flexible, immediately contact your assessor who will attempt to make alternative arrangements.

Please Note:

1. This assessment may be re-assessed upon appeal. Upon notification of your assessment results, your training/assessor is able to provide you with additional information on interpreting the assessment outcomes and guide you on your future options.