Workplace Pre-start Stretches Course

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Standard Online Course:

The course duration is 1 – 2 hours, depending on experience.

Outcomes for the Workplace Stretches Course:

  • On successful completion of this course, participants will be issued a Statement of Achievement stating the topics that are covered in the course, the name of the student and the date.
  • A printable Workplace Pre-start Stretching routine for a full body warm-up.

Overview of Workplace Stretches Course:

Prestart stretching and warm-ups are essential exercises that can be conducted before work to prepare the body for physical activity, reduce the risk of injuries, and improve overall performance. These exercises are particularly important for individuals working in physically demanding occupations. In this online course, we will provide a comprehensive guide for supervisors on how to conduct prestart stretching and warm ups effectively.

Who should do this course:

This course aims to train a worker to be competent to lead a workplace pre-start stretching and warmup routine and/or participate in one safely. Anyone who wants to learn how to conduct or take part in a workplace pre-start stretching and warm-up


  • You will need a computer device that meets the minimum requirements of LT Training’s online system (we support and recommend a modern desktop or laptop computers running Google Chrome web browser).
  • You must ensure a good, stable internet connection and the ability of your device to play sound.

Topics covered in the Workplace Stretches Course

  1. Importance of warming up
  2. Difference between types of stretches and exercises
  3. Body parts and how to perform the stretches
  4. How to address injuries and duty of care
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